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When: April 27, 2017
Where: 1776 Space, Emirates Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

For questions related to the OPCDE conference. Please email matt@opcde.com

[PDF][FLYER] UAE National Cyber Security Capture the Flag Competition

Over $7,000 USD in Prizes!

  • $5,000 USD cash prize for the Winning Team sponsored by Dell SecureWorks.
  • $2,000 USD cash prize for the team selected as Rising UAE Star by Noon.
  • All winning teams will receive medals.
  • All teams will receive t-shirts.

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UAE National Cyber Security CTF is a cyber security competition where participants demonstrate their technical ability. It is supported by the government and provides the highest cash prizes for the winning teams.
UAE National Cyber Security CTF winners are eligible to compete in regional and international CTFs representing UAE. The CTF will be a Jeopardy Style CTF where every team will have a list of challenges in different categories like Reverse Engineering, Web Security, Digital Forensics, Network Security and others. For every challenge solved, the team will get a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. The team who will get the highest score at the end of the day will be the winning team.



  • Number of Team members: Minimum two - Maximum three members with the below conditions:
    • At least two members of the team must be undergraduates in any UAE university or school.
    • One Mentor is allowed to join the team, the mentor is a professional working in cyber security field that can provides technical mentorship to his/her team before and during the CTF. (Mentors are allowed to be one of the team during the competition).
    • Every Team should have a team leader, that is responsible to build the team and he will be the main contact to the organizers.
  • Moving members between teams is allowed two days before the competition.
  • Mentors or undergraduates team players can not be a member of multiple teams.
  • Although we prefer that undergraduates represent their universities but there is no restrictions on having members from different universities at the same team.
Mentors: Team mentors include international reknown security researchers who will also be speaking at the OPCDE_ conference


  • Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed and teams might be banned from participating in the CTF.
  • Running Automation tools are not allowed and won't help you complete the challenge.
  • Sharing flags between different teams is prohibited.
  • Brute Force attacks on the challenges submission portal or challenges links are not allowed.
  • Any trials for interrupting the CTF, or any unethical behaviour, Organizers has the permission to disqualify teams.


Info Sessions in UniversitiesCyberTalents will visit different universities to give info session and answer players inquiries
Practicing on CyberTalentsPlayers will have access on updated challenges to practice their skills
Qualification RoundThree Days Online Qualification Round. Players who will get the minimum points will qualify to final
Teams FormationQualified players create their teams to play in the final from the qualified members only
27.April FinalsQualified Teams will compete in Emirates Towers, Dubai during the second day of the OPCDE_ conference to win a valuable cash prize


For any issues, please contact us on support@cybertalents.com
More information on OPCDE_ www.opcde.com

CyberTalents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents according to their real hands on skills in different cyber security categories by running CTFS Competitions in order to get hired by recruiters. Cyber Talents provides recruitment & personnel assessment to its customers in a SAAS model.

About OPCDE, OPCDE_ is the leading technical cyber-security conference of the Middle-East organized by Comae Technologies, a cyber-security start-up based in UAE.

Win A Free Ticket To OPCDE_


Rules are simple. If you're a student and would like to win one of 10 free tickets available to go to OPCDE_, then resolve the following crackme and submit your drafted solution.
  • Executable can't be patched.
  • The goal is to figure out the algorithm, in order to retrieve the magic code.
  • A maximum of up to two tickets granted to students per school/university.
  • Deadline: 10th April - Official solution will be published on 11st including all the different ways to solve the problem !
  • OFFICIAL SOLUTION BY MOHAMED SAHER (NSS LABS): DOWNLOAD HERE - Thanks to Mohamed who spent several days writing this very complete solution, this is a great opportunity for any student to learn more about reverse engineering.
The required drafted solution to be sent to matt@opcde.com with the correct code. Elegance of solution/write-up will be taken into consideration.

Binaries (Win/Linux)

Download Binaries
					crackme-win.exe  SHA256 08A4253C45E1EB799039553533B818624F361A53294E844E878A24D09DB8B047
					crackme-linux    SHA256 6C7BA8D588A3089981F89C6F82F36E12338598AB4FAE45125AB7D8CDD5795585